How To Provide Proper Nourishment To Your Kids?

In the haste of running up to the school every day and participating in various activities after-school kids miss their breakfast and nourishment. But if they are engaged in sports and other extracurricular tasks it is important that they get the required nutrition through the right food and supplements. However what frequently happens is kids getting something to eat or drink from a grocery or a supermarket which is tasty but high in sugar and fat. This type of a diet has led to kids being sick increasingly with serious ailments such as diabetes and cardiac issues.

Spare some time

Try to always have a dedicated time for the meals. You as parents will also have to set an example by eating right and on time. Instead of giving the kids drinks out of a carton try to make fresh fruit juice. You can find out where to buy camel milk to replace the morning beverage for kids. It has more fat but lesser cholesterol along with more protein than cow’s milk. This will reduce the possibility of contracting non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and heart attacks which seems to be an increasing occurrence in children under the age of 12. Unknown to you the sugar levels in ready-to-drink beverages of tetra pack drink packets keeps accumulating until kids suddenly has wounds that won’t heal or eye sightproblems due to elevated sugar levels in the body.

Healthy existence with exercise

Exercising should be an important part of life. You can guide the kids to start a sport which they like, but remember to get all the advice you can from the coach about their diet as exerting oneself can lead to depleting of the body. However there are a certain number of hours kids should sleep; so on top of everything they have to do don’t forget to let them have their rest, too. As studying, doing projects and going to school five days a week itself can take a toll on kids make sure you don’t tire them unnecessarily. Make sports and studies a way to snap their attention away from the nuisance of the digital screen which now has become a persistent problem in families, schools and classroom.

Age-suitable nutrition

Kids who are in the growing age – between two and twelve- are in a high growth rate age and they need more nourishments than usual to begin with. So if they are engaged in any extracurricular activity or high-power sports they should be refueled suitably. Red meats and nuts carry a lot of proteins and milk is a good source of both of these. They need iron, zinc, vitamins, especially vitamin D in addition to the normal carbohydrates and proteins they take in. you can tell them about camel milk health benefits to make them interested in trying out a new thing which is high in essential nutrients. Visit this link for more info on camel milk health benefits.