What Problems Of A Bar Are Solved By A Booze Distributing Machine?

The bar of a hospitality establishment is quite popular and busy in the afternoons. Especially, by Friday night it is going to be overflowing with people and a number of orders are going to be coming in for all kinds of drinks. Sometimes there are so many orders which take some time for even a couple of bartenders to get through.

To help with this situation hospitality establishments are used to hiring the best professionals as bartenders. They are also used to using a booze distributing machine or a spirit dispenser to help with creating drinks. This kind of a great quality booze distributing machine can actually help solve a couple of problems at a bar.

Cluttering the Limited Space of the Bar with Booze Bottles

Any bar which does not use a booze distributing machine has to have all the booze bottles they need to serve the guests at the bar. This means you have to stack a pile of glass bottles behind the bar to keep the orders flowing. Then, once these bottles are empty those empty bottles are also going to take space as you do not get time to put them away when the bar is full of the orders flying in from every direction. With a good quality booze distributing machine you do not have to clutter the limited space behind the bar with bottles, empty or full, as all the booze you need is already stored in the booze distributing machine.

Taking Too Long to Pour a Drink

When you are pouring drinks straight from the bottle you have to be very careful about the way you pour the drink. Slight wrong movements could make you pour more into the glass than you should. This can make it hard to serve the drinks very fast. With wall mounted liquor dispensers or booze distributing machines you get the chance to pour every drink faster as the measuring is done wonderfully by the machine.

Wasting of Booze

People often spill drinks when they are trying to provide orders faster to the customers. This kind of spilling of drinks is not seen when the drinks are poured using the booze distributing machine instead of one’s hands.

Errors in Mixing Drinks

Sometimes when mixing drinks bartenders make mistakes as they mix the wrong amount of different alcohol. When you are using the booze distributing machine you are not going to make such mistakes. As the solution for all of these bar related problems, the booze distributing machine is a very important equipment to have in any bar.

What You Need To Know In Picking Drinks?

In our lives we consume so many types of drinks. We will not be able to live without water. In addition to water, we drink various juices, milk and even soft drinks and alcohol. But do we really pay attention towards picking the drinks? Many do not know how to, and many do not care. This should not be the case. What you consume as drinks will have a direct impact on your health. Therefore, it would do well for you to pay attention towards the ways in which you could choose good drinks from bad drinks.

Given below are several types of drinks, and what you need to do in ensuring that they are good!


It is obvious that this is the most important drink to us. Therefore, you need to make sure that the water you drink is always pure. If there are contaminants in the water you drink, it could have a negative impact on your health both in the short term and in the long-term. It is true that the water that we get from our tap lines are purified, but you should not take a risk regarding them. Using water filters and drinking boiled or filtered water will ensure that the water you consume is always in the way it should be.


Milk is a drink that many of us drink so often. There are individuals who cannot get up in the morning without their cup of milk. Since milk is consumed so often, you need to make sure that it is as nutritious as it can be. However, when the milk products of today are concerned, one can observe that there are so many products that have artificial chemicals in them. You should avoid such milk at all costs. Going for the all-natural, chemical-free, permeate free milk will be the ideal way to proceed with the matter.It would do well for you to pay attention to the proteins in the milk as well. Out of the two protein type’s a1 and a2 that you can find in milk, a1 will prove to be a protein that is not very good for your health. However, a2 is a great protein that will keep you healthy. Due to these matters, it would do well for you to pick a1 protein free milk products from the right suppliers.

Soft drinks

The more you avoid these drinks, the better off you will be. There are various types of harmless chemicals in these drinks that could bring in various unhealthy conditions in your body. Therefore, it would be ideal if you take a conscious effort in avoiding this type of drinks.