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At a time when there are lot of different options to get the use we want we can have a hard time deciding what we should choose. Sometimes because we do not know all the facts or because we are in a hurry to make a decision, we end up making the wrong decision. This ends up delivering us a number of negative results. That is actually the same situation we have to face when we choose the wrong kind of frozen water to keep fresh produce chilled in transportation.

It has been found through various means that using ice replacement pads for shipping or any other kind of effective frozen water substitute is actually the right decision to make with regard to fresh produce transportation. However, if you make the wrong decision of using traditional frozen water for this fresh produce transportation you should be prepared to face all the negative results.

Food Getting RottenIf you use low quality traditional frozen water to keep your fresh produce chilled during transportation most of the time you are going to have rotten food at the end of the journey. This happens because the frozen water fails to keep the fresh produce in the right temperature. They do not have enough energy in them to keep the fresh produce well cooled which would save them from rotting.

The Frozen Water Melting Creating a MessThere is also the problem of having to deal with the mess created by frozen water melting. Usually, traditional frozen water does not have a special ability to last longer without melting. As a result, they melt quite fast making it hard for you to deal with it when you are preparing fresh produce for transportation. Unlike traditional frozen water, the frozen water substitutes such as ice gel pads are created to last longer without creating such problems for their user. If you are interested about ice replacement pads you can visit this website https://peakpackaging.com.au/product-category/ice-replacement/.

Having to Bear a Large CostTraditional frozen water always comes with a large cost. At the same time, when you have used such traditional frozen water and it has failed to keep the fresh produce in the right condition until the end, you will have to spend money again to deliver a new batch of fresh produce to your customer again. Losing Customers If your poor choice in selecting traditional frozen water is going to ruin the fresh produce you deliver, you are going to lose customers too.

If you really want to avoid all these negative results, you just have to choose the better version of the frozen water.